Practical Decor Ideas for Space Under Your Stairs

No matter what decor style you prefer in space, there are many options to help you decorate the space under your stairs. Why have a dull space when you can upgrade your under stairs storage space to look beautiful and serve you? Here are some fantastic ideas to get you started.

Install Shelves

Less is more, and this is what you get by incorporating shelves in as an under stairs shoe storage space. Under stairs shoe storage shelves are versatile, and they can serve as decor pieces as well as functional pieces. You can use them to hold your knick-knacks, toys, small plants, books, games, shoes and more. This way, you achieve an excellent aesthetic for your under stairs shelves without doing too much and using what you already have.

Create an Accent Wall

The space under your stairs can make a statement as an accent wall. You can achieve this under stairs storage ideas affordably by painting this area a different color that compliments the rest of the room. You can never go wrong with bold colors such as navy blue, black, dark green, and others. These colors also provide a suitable background for other decor pieces, making them stand out and look appealing. Wallpaper is another alternative to painting that can help bring patterns and texture to walls. There are many wallpaper designs and colors that will help transform this under stairs shelves space into something spectacular.

Photos and Paintings

You can come up with a gallery wall in the under stairs storage space in your home. The irregular shape of this space is ideal as you can play around with different sizes and shapes of frames to get something you like. For minimalists, it is best to have all your frames in one color for uniformity and that simple look. If you prefer a more playful look, you can have different frames, and wall hangings to complement your space. If you want more under stairs ideas on revamping this space, you can check out Tylko’s guide ( ) for more creative under stairs storage ideas.

Create a Library

Books will transform any space, and you do not have to break the bank for this. If you are an avid reader, you can use whatever you have in your collection. If not, there are many decor books available that you can purchase to give the illusion of a library without having actual books. How you arrange the books also helps with the aesthetic of your shelves, and you can place them by size or color for the best look. You can keep your books and magazines on shelves, racks, or baskets if you prefer. Where possible, you can also add a seat and make a small reading nook in this space as one of the under stairs ideas.